Electronic workflow provides a new level of accountability and speed to your business processes. Workflow automation software from Petraware will show you the state of all of your transactions at any given time. Instead of waiting for information, decision criteria are presented to your staff in real-time, eliminating costly delays. People spend less time managing information and more time doing their job, creating process efficiency in your company that will delight both CFO and COO.

Petraware consultants are experts in deploying workflow solutions. By analyzing your business processes, we understand where critical information lives in your organization, and how to connect it to the documents that drive your processes. We then apply workflow software automation technologies to automatically connect this information to these documents, resulting in faster processing times. Information flows through your organization faster, ultimately reducing costs and providing improved accountability. The result is that your staff spends less time looking for information, and more time on higher level functions.

Let Petraware show you how workflow is a part of a complete enterprise content management(ECM) solution.