Petraware offers Systems Integration Services to ensure that your organization has the ability to use systems to grow in efficiency. With expertise in document management, ERP and Line-of-Business, and Microsoft SharePoint integration services, Petraware can ensure that your systems are integrated correctly and effectively so you can grow your business more quickly.
Let Petraware lessen your burden by becoming your systems integrator so you can focus on using your systems and not worry about how to integrate them.

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Document Management Integration:
Having an integrated document management solution promotes efficiency. Petraware can provide you with an integrated approach to both document management and advanced capture applications.
For organizations that have little or no structured document management, Petraware can provide that solution using a leading platform from Dokmee called Document Management. As a leading Document Management reseller, we have provided integrated document management solutions across entire enterprises. Petraware can configure Document Management to integrate directly with your applications using certified connectors as well as industry standard integration technologies. Whether deploying SAP or a home grown application, we have experience connecting an Document Management Solution to your line of business application.edocumentus-document-management-system-for-ibm-maximo-4-638

For organizations that may have a legacy document management solution, such as IBM FileNet, Content Manager, Documentum or a home grown application, we can deploy leading capture solutions that reduce the effort required to ingest documents. Our advanced capture applications enable less effort to index and classify a document, ultimately getting the document into your workflow processes faster. This enables you to keep the investment in your existing workflows created in your legacy applications, while still realizing process efficiencies with cutting edge technologies.

ERP & LOB Integration:
Each organization has a different approach to its line-of-business (LOB) application. Some organizations have one application (e.g. SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, or Microsoft Dynamics) that run their entire organization. Others have a series of focused applications that manage each aspect of their business. In either case documents such as applications, employment applications, emails, and orders drive your processes. Integrating them into your ERP system or line-of-business application enables your staff to focus on their work rather than searching for documents.


We have extensive experience image enabling your line of business applications, including human resources, accounting, or CRM. Our software solutions have certified connectors that integrate directly with many popular line of business applications, including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and Lawson. For other applications, we can use industry standard tools and techniques to image enable the application. In either case, our solutions can enable your staff to find documents within the applications they use every day, improving their productivity. We provide focus to their daily work.
Let us show you how increase productivity with an integrated document management solution with your ERP and line of business applications.

SharePoint Integration:
More and more organizations turn to SharePoint as their primary document management tool. Why? Microsoft continues to add more features found in traditional document management software. Organizations can now apply retention policies and workflow to documents. This complements SharePoint’s market leading collaboration and ease of use functionality. SharePoint is evolving to become a robust, effective document and content management

Petraware can provide guidance and implementation services to enable SharePoint’s emerging document management capabilities. We understand how to deploy scanning technologies so that paper documents can now easily brought into SharePoint libraries. We also have experience connecting SharePoint to many Line-of-Business applications, enabling you to extend SharePoint across your organization. We can configure SharePoint to complete electronic workflow actions. Each of these capabilities allows you to gain further economies of scale for your SharePoint investment