Countless analyst studies and industry testimonials have shown that document management system reduce administrative costs. Your staff spends less time looking for information. Organizations eliminate the system used to create and reproduce documents, including printers and copiers. You recover space that once housed filing cabinets and bankers boxes. You eliminate the costs of moving documents, including overnight shipping.

An effective document management system, though, requires planning and an understanding of the technology platforms so that the solution delivered to you meets your current and future needs.

Let Petraware plan and implement a document management solution for your organization. We work with you to understand your document management needs. This includes where the documents enter your organization, the security surrounding the documents, and helping you implement retention policies to meet your business needs. Combining these technologies with workflow solutions and integration with your line of business applications results in a complete solution to improve your business processes.

We will listen to you and apply the appropriate technologies to solve your document management needs.