Petraware offers consulting services to ensure that your organization has the best ability to grow in efficiency. From systems analysis to ECM architecture and business process re-engineering (BPR), Petraware can ensure that your business processes are effective and suitable to growing your business. Whether you need to implement a document management, capture, or workflow solution, Petraware consulting services can show you where and how to start implementing change.

Do not become burdened with trying to figure out what you need to improve and where to start. Let Petraware do the heavy lifting for you and show you where you can best enhance capabilities and processes to ensure your success.

1. System Analysis:
Do you lie awake at night wondering what would happen if your key accounting clerk left your company? Do your process maps look like a jumble of wire? Do you have critical failure points in your business processes that force you to go to extreme measures if an unexpected large order comes through? Are you not making your profit goals, even with increased sales, but cannot explain why?


If any of these sound familiar, then let’s talk.
At Petraware, our consultants have extensive skills in identifying process improvement opportunities. We apply best practices based on over two decades of experience to your organization. Our consultants will evaluate your current business processes, the technologies that support them and the rules that govern them. From there, we make recommendations on how to make you more efficient. This includes best in class technologies that ultimately result in your having better visibility, lower costs and increased profits.
Let’s have a conversation about you and your goals.


2. ECM Architecture:
Enterprise Content Management technologies can be a very powerful tool to improve your competitive position. Organizations that have effectively deployed these solutions have saved millions of dollars in costs. These technologies result in getting information faster to make better decisions, reducing the need to perform manual, time intensive tasks, and ultimately enabling you to focus your resources on activities that better align to your organization’s goals. Resources once spent on administering information can be redirected toward other, higher value actions.ECM diagram

Just as you trust designing a building to an engineer, trust your ECM solution to an expert.

For almost two decades, Petraware has gained expertise across the entire range of ECM technologies. Our solutions deploy best in class technology solutions combining capture, workflow and document management capabilities. We match your needs with the appropriate technologies, resulting in a solution that meets your needs for both today and tomorrow. Our solutions enable you to grow efficiently, and can accommodate the rapid change in how information is gathered, shared and managed.

Let Petraware be the architect of your ECM solution.



3. Business Process Re-engineering:
A blank sheet of paper. A clean white board. A white canvas. All of these represent an opportunity to create something great.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not have the luxury of such an opportunity. They attempt to patch a bad process with technologies that do not really solve the problem’s root cause. Their first solution creates three more problems, and it only gets worse. Over time, they end up with a patch work of information in silos, ultimately making their staff jump through hoops to get even the most seemingly simple tasks completed.

Sound familiar? We can help.

Business Process Reengineering 3d render concept with blue and white arrows flying in a blue sky with clouds

Business Process Re-engineering 3D render concept with blue and white arrows flying in a blue sky with clouds

Petraware will help you get to the root cause of your issues, and can ultimately provide a means to solve them. Our consulting services can help you understand why a process is broken, and, more importantly, its effects on your organization. From there, we will make recommendations on how to appropriately solve these issues. Finally, we can deploy the appropriate technologies to solve the problem. In many instances, you abandon the old way of doing business, and create a new organizational paradigm.

Instead of applying a band-aid, let Petraware help you get to the true root cause.