Petraware offers business process outsourcing services that can enhance your existing business processes so you can focus on the success of your business. We offer everything from basic document conversion services to ar-chive services, integrated/complex document and data conversion services, data entry, and automated data extraction services. If you need to better sort, distribute, secure, enter, or convert important data and documentation, Petraware can help you meet these needs.

1. Document Conversion
Document Scanning & Conversion
While it may seem simple to scan your documents, every customer seems to have a slightly different need. Organizations have a wide variety of requirements when it comes to managing their paper. It could be as simple as getting rid of their filing cabinets to save space, or outsourcing an entire healthcare or patient-related billing process with complex forms. Some projects even require that the documents must be scanned on-site.

With over 18 years experience converting paplser into digital images, we’ve just about seen it all, and have the clients to prove it. Our teams have performed simple back file conversions, where the client just needed to eliminate filing cabinets. In other cases, we provided an on-site scanning service for extremely sensitive documents that could not leave the client’s offices. We give you the images in whatever format you need, and make sure that they are loaded into your content management system quickly and efficiently. Finally, our quality processes assure accountability from when we pick up the document to delivery, and even destruction certification.

Learn why we’re one of the leading resources for document conversion in the South-east

2. Data Entry

 Imagine a scenario where all your forms are processed so that you have a data file the next day. This is what we have delivered for few MNC Company.

With our trained staff and multi-shift operation, we can accurately and reliably turn around time-sensitive projects faster, and more cost-effectively than anyone.



The Result: you focus more on your business by letting us do ours.Our clients use our data entry services to:

  1. Add value to the imaging process by entering specific fields of data

  2. Extend our scanning and indexing services

  3. Manage peak periods like open enrolment for benefits and insurance, the fourth quarter and the holiday season

  4. Improve privacy levels with off-site processing

  5. Re-purpose staff to accomplish critical tasks

  6. Reduce/eliminate temporary staffing needs

Example Forms: Medical records, Student records, Enrolment, Product rebate forms, Surveys.