For organizations needing to extract data trapped on paper documents, simple document capture is not enough. They need proven technologies like optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically extract data, such as claims processing, EOB processing and line-item extraction for application processing. Some organizations also need to automatically classify documents by type, when each of which needs different levels of extraction or types of processing.

  1. Distributed captureathento_capture_components
  2. Automated indexing/linking
  3. Intelligence character recognition
  4. AFIS – Fingerprint biometric
  5. High volume & ad-hoc capabilities

Petraware represents advanced document capture and classification technologies from two of the industry leaders: Dokmee and ABBYY. For organizations that would rather outsource the scanning of their documents instead of making the capital investment in software and document scanners, we also offer both onsite and offsite document scanning services.